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516                HISTORY OF PERSIA

India in the Fifteenth Century (Hakluyt Society).
< Intercourse of China with  Central and Western  Asia in the Second

Century B.C., by T, W. Kingsmill.    8vo.    Shanghai.    1880.
Introduction to the History of the Assyrian Church, by William Ainger

Wigram.    Small 8vo.    1910.
" Is the Earth drying up ? " by Professor  Gregory,  Journal Royal

Geographical Society, February and March 1914.

Selected Poems from the Dlvftni Shamsi Tabnz, translated
by R. A. Nicholson.    Small 8vo.    1898.    
Jami, Salaman and Absal, rendered into verse by Edward FitzGerald.
4th ed.    8vo.    1879.
Josephus, Works of.
?ournal d'un voyage, by P. A. L. de Gardanne.    8vo.    Paris.    1809.
ourney of Friar  William  of Ruiruct,  edited by W. W.  Rockhill
(Hakluyt Society).    8vo.    1900.
Lands of the Eastern Caliphate, by Guy Le Strange.    Small 8vo.    1905.
UAcnpoh de Suse, by Marcel Dieulafoy.    Fo.    Paris..    1 890,
VArt persan, by Albert Gayet,    8vo.    1895.
Le Desert, by Pierre Loti.    Small 8vo.    1895.
Le Peupk et les langue des Mddes, by Julius Oppert.    8vo.    1879.
Les Mystires de Mithra, by Franz; Cumont.    2 vols.    410.    1899.
Letters received by the East India Company, mainly edited by William
Foster.    6 vols.    8vo,    1896-1902.
Life and Correspondence of Major-General Sir 'John Malcolm, by Sir John
William Kaye.    2 vols.    8vo.    1856.
Light from the East, by Charles James Ball.    Large 8vo.    1899.
Literary History of Persia, by Edward Granville Browne,   2 vols.   8vo.
Literary History of the Arabs* by R. A. Nicholson.    8vo.    1907.
Macoudi, Les Prairies d?or, translated by Barbier de Meynard.   9 vols.
Paris,    1861-77.
Mahomet, Life of, by Sir William Muir,    4 vols.    8vo,    1858-61.
Man, a monthly record of anthropological science.
Marco Polo, The Book of, translated and edited by Sir Henry Yule.
2 vols.   8vo.    1903.
Merv Oasis, The, by Edmond O'Donovan.    2 vols.    8vo.    1882.
" Metals in Antiquity, The/' by W. Gowland, Journal Anthropological
Middle Eastern Question, by Sir Valentine Chirol.    8vo.    1903.
Mohammadan Dynasties, by Stanley Lane-Poole.    Small 8vo.    1894.
Mommsen, Theodor, Works of.
Nadir Shah, by Sir Henry Mortimer Durand.   8vo.    1908.
Nearer East, The, by David George Hogarth.    8vo.   '1902.
i 'Oldest Civilization of Greece, The, by H. R. H. Hall.    8vo.    1901.
Omar Khayyam, Rubaiyat of, rendered into verse by Edward FitzGerald.